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All Pride March Information in One Place!

The Belgrade Pride March is scheduled for September 9th, and the gathering for participants will begin at 4:00 PM in Manjež Park. That’s when the entrance points will also be open. The March itself starts at 5:00 PM and will be led by a drumming band and a truck with music. Besides the police officers,

Nemanja Stijak


July 3.6pm - Promotion of a yearly report on hate crimes: ''Homophobia and transphobia in Serbia'' with association ''Da se zna!''

July 9.5pm - Trans-specific counseling with Agata Đurić

July 15.6pm - Living library: non-binary people in Serbia

July 17.6pm - Chatty Wednesdays: Charli XCX with Bio Una

July 20.5pm - Queer movie screening and analysis with culturologist Pavle Hrnčić

July 26.12pm - Psychology counseling with Ana Milić

July 27.12pm - Queer market

Contact Information

Kralja Milana 20, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia;
Monday - Saturday, 10 - 20
+381 11 4029 833 (Pride Info Center)
+381 69 699 802 (Organisational Board)
[email protected]