Belgrade Pride Policies

In addition to its values and principles, Belgrade Pride adopts policies to create a fair and sustainable environment for all in practice and contribute to the wider community’s progress through its work.

Code of Conduct

We respect diversity and contribute to an inclusive atmosphere during Belgrade Pride and its preparation, where everyone feels welcome and safe.

We take care of communication and cooperate in a constructive manner to jointly take care of having a successful event.
We have no tolerance for any form of discrimination, including discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, skin colour, religion, nationality or any other personal characteristic.
We are committed to the participants’ safety and we have no tolerance for violence, threats and any other form of aggression.
Hate speech is not allowed and everyone in the organisation should contribute to the positive atmosphere. We are committed to not using aggressive communication toward other members of bodies, working teams or volunteers.

We respect participants’ privacy, and we do not share their personal data without their permission.
We do not use the event for personal promotion, and we try to focus on organisation’s goals.

We respect deadlines for delivering material and abide by the rules of the organisation to ensure the event's success.
We are open to cooperation and feedback, and we want to continually improve the organisation of the event.

If we notice any kind of inappropriate behaviour, we report it immediately to the Committee for Inclusion, Complaints and Diversity.

Together we are responsible for creating a safe and inclusive environment during the event, therefore we take care that everyone in Belgrade Pride respects these rules and contributes to the event’s success.

Anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy

We respect all human rights and dignity of all participants and organisers of Pride. We do not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or hate speech.

We always behave in accordance with this anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy.
Bullying refers to repetitive behaviour that has a deliberate objective to hurt, humiliate or disturb another person. It may include physical, verbal or emotional abuse, mocking, isolation or intimidation of someone.

Harassment refers to behaviour that is unwanted, intrusive and has the aim to hurt, humiliate or disturb another person. It may include inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, insults, offensive speech or behaviour due to someone’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other personal characteristics.
We have zero tolerance towards abuse, harassment, discrimination or hate speech.
In the event of a situation indicating abuse or harassment, we react immediately and take all necessary steps to protect the victim and ensure that such situations never happen again.

Reporting abuse and harassment is always possible, and participants and organisers of Belgrade Pride can always report any such behaviour that they either experienced or witnessed. Belgrade Pride has established the Committee for Inclusion, Complaints and Diversity as a body in charge of receiving and deliberating on all complaints before, during and after Pride Week.

All complaints of abuse and harassment will be processed with respect and in a confidential manner, and those reporting it will not bear any consequences.
After reports of the abuse or harassment, the organisers will take appropriate measures for the purpose of protecting the victim, including investigation of the incident and, if needed, reporting it to the police.

If it is established that abuse or harassment has occurred, the Pride organisers will take measures to prevent any such further behaviour.

All participants and organisers of Belgrade Pride are responsible for the implementation of this anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy.

Social Media Policy

All official social media profiles of Belgrade Pride will be used to disseminate information on the Pride and improve the position of the LGBTI+ community. Participants are obliged to respect copyright and rights of use and distribution that belong to Belgrade Pride.
All offensive and defamatory comments that pose threats or spread hate towards any group of people will not be tolerated on Belgrade Pride’s social media.

Participants will not publish personal data of other persons on Belgrade Pride social media without explicit consent of those persons. Also, participants will not publish any materials that are not in accordance with the values and principles of Belgrade Pride.

The participants, volunteers and organisers’ behaviour on Belgrade Pride social media shall not in any way whatsoever harm the reputation of Belgrade Pride, including dissemination of disinformation, insults or other inappropriate behaviour.

Belgrade Pride may remove posts and/or comments violating this Social Media Policy and block users violating these rules.
Participants must be aware that they are responsible for their social media posts, which can be used as evidence against them if they become subjects in legal or any other proceedings.

Participants must be aware that information shared on Belgrade Pride social media can be re-shared and therefore visible to the wider public, so they must take extra care about which information they share.

This Social Media Policy helps Belgrade Pride participants use social media in a responsible manner to ensure that information shared via social media is used only for Belgrade Pride promotion and not in any other way that might harm some person or a group.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest might occur when Belgrade Pride's interest is in conflict with the interests of an organisation or when Belgrade Pride hires a legal entity owned by a person involved in Belgrade Pride organisation without having undertaken appropriate precautionary measures.

Participants are obliged to report all potential conflicts of interest to the Operating Committee of Belgrade Pride.
In the event of a conflict of interest, participants are obliged to refrain from taking decisions that could influence the interests of Belgrade Pride.

Participants must refrain from using their position within Belgrade Pride for their own benefit or benefit of any other organisation, group or person.
In the event of any suspicion of a potential conflict of interest, the Operating Committee of Belgrade Pride will form a commission that will investigate the situation and take appropriate measures if the conflict of interest is confirmed.
If participants fail to abide by this policy on conflict of interest policy, the Operating Committee of Belgrade Pride reserves a right to take appropriate measures.

This conflict of interest policy helps in ensuring the integrity of the Belgrade Pride organisation. It prevents participants from using their position in the organisation for their benefit or benefit of any other organisation, group or person.

Transparency Policy

Belgrade Pride believes in transparency and openness in its work. We hold it important that the public is notified of our activities and manner of using the resources.

In line with this, we will regularly share information on activities, projects, programmes and budgets with each other. However, in some cases, it might be necessary to restrict transparency for the purpose of protecting Belgrade Pride, the LGBTI+ community or activists. Those cases might involve protecting some data. In such cases, the Operating Committee of Belgrade Pride will assess if the restriction of transparency is necessary and set to what extent the information will be restricted or withheld as confidential.

Belgrade Pride organisers will always try to be as transparent as possible in their activities, except in cases when restriction of transparency may protect Belgrade Pride, the LGBTI+ community or activists. The damage that might occur is key criterion in deciding on the restriction of transparency.
If the public or members of the Belgrade Pride organisation have any questions as regards transparency, the organisers will be available for answers and cooperation.
Belgrade Pride organisers will respect all laws and regulations as regards transparency and availability of information.

Anti-Corruption Policy

All costs of Belgrade Pride must be documented and appropriately entered in the books in accordance with applicable regulations.
Bribe or any other form of corruption by any person or organisation is prohibited. None of the organisers will pay a bribe or promise any counter-service in exchange for other services or benefits.

If any corruption or any form of violation of this policy is suspected, members of Belgrade Pride must immediately inform the Operating Committee. Such cases will be investigated, and perpetrators will be punished if a violation of this policy is established.

Environmental Protection Policy

Belgrade Pride is committed to environmental protection and wants to ensure that the event will be the least harmful to the environment. The following measures will be taken for those purposes:
Recycling: We will set up as many recycling dumpsters as possible and ensure the proper disposal of all types of waste. We will also invite visitors to dispose of waste in proper dumpsters and not litter.

Reducing plastic: We invite exhibitors to refrain from using plastic bags and containers for food and liquid. We will also ask the visitors to bring reusable bottles and glasses.

Reducing CO2 emissions: We will encourage visitors to walk, cycle or use public transport to come to the event in order to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles. In cooperation with institutions, we will provide parking for bicycles and ensure the better frequency of public transport.

Using renewable energy resources: If possible, we will try to ensure the use of renewable energy resources, such as solar energy and wind, to provide power supply for the stage, the lights and other electric appliances.

Green spaces: We will take care of green spaces and animals in the surroundings. Damaging of trees and plants during the event is prohibited.

Noise reduction: We will reduce the noise at the event not to disturb citizens and animals in the vicinity.

Keeping it clean: We will ensure a sufficient number of people to clean up and keep the event clean.

This environmental protection policy will be published on the Belgrade Pride website and promoted at the event so the visitors will get familiar with our environmental protection goals and do their share in protecting the environment.

Contact Information

Kralja Milana 20, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia;
Monday - Saturday, 10 - 20
+381 11 4029 833 (Pride Info Center)
+381 69 699 802 (Organisational Board)
[email protected]