Dušanka Tomašević

Dusanka Tomasevic (she/her) 23 -, feminist, cat person and a political scientist of international affairs. She has been dealing with topics related to the fight against the discrimination of LGBTI+ community.

Her biggest pet peeves are discrimination, homophobia, misogyny and transphobia.

In addition to always trying to awake the feeling of togetherness and community in our space, Dusanka has also successfully advocated for a mini fridge!

Nikola Brkljač

Nikola Brkljac (he/him), a youth activist and a student of medicine.

Nikola has been in the world of bettering the position of the LGBTI+ community since 2015, and since then he has been actively organising multiple educational events on the topic of HIV and AIDS prevention. When he’s not mixing music or watching the TV show “Pose” – he makes a mean lasagne.