Pride Info Centre

Pride Info Centre represents an open, inclusive and safe space in one of the main streets of Belgrade. The staff of the Centre is always there to give advice, but also refer to a counselling centre of the organisation “Da Se Zna!”, where people can get proper legal and psychological help. Furthermore, it is a place where the public can not only be introduced to the activities of Pride and LGBTI+ movement, but also the problems, challenges and the history of LGBTI+ community in Serbia. Considering the location of the Centre, its existence makes the community more visible. Moreover, it represents a space where everyone can come, drink coffee or tea, hang out, finish some work, or just take a break from everyday activities.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, Pride Info Centre holds a great number of different events during the month – lectures, discussions with the community, panel discussions, film screenings, board games, quizzes… Every other Monday, a fast and free HIV and Syphilis testing is organised. It minimises the stigma and the youth’s unwillingness to testing.

The Pride Info Centre team, apart from coordinators, counts dozens of volunteers who with their efforts and devotion contribute to the events and improvement of the very centre.

Pride Info Centre offers many local and foreign queer literature, whose sales money goes to the fund for psychological help for victims of homophobia and transphobia.

The aim of Pride Info Centre, apart from gathering members of LGBTI+ community, is also gathering allies, fellow citizens and breaking negative prejudice of the public towards the community through fun and educational programs.