Pride Parade Belgrade   organisation engaged in human rights of the LGBT+ community in Serbia. Organisation is focused on raising the visibility of the community which will lead to lowering prejudice and stereotypes, as well as raising the number of registered cases of violence and discrimination. Key activities of the organisation are “Pride Week” and “Belgrade Pride”, as well as other activities that lead to a bigger community. Pride Parade Belgrade is a member of European Pride Organisers Association and InterPride.

Organisation “Da se zna!” nvolved in keeping records of violence and discrimination over LGBT+ people, as well as providing legal and psychological help. The working team of this young organisation is especially focused on working with the community through a volunteer group consisting of over 25 young LGBT+ people. “Da se zna!” works regularly with them on educating, rising the capacity, but also organising the programme for the community during/throughout the whole year.
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Geten established in Belgrade in 2001. Created from the “Arkadia – gay and lesbian lobby” association which was established in 1990. Geten is the first all inclusive organisation which, apart from lesbians and gay men, gathers bisexuals, trans people, as well as intersex, queer and heterosexual people, affirmating their rights, needs, problems, existence and culture. The contribution of the organisation to/for promoting the rights and existence of trans, intersex and queer people is especially recognised in the region. The work of Geten covers research, education, public advocacy, working with initiatives and media, working on legislative changes, translating and publishing various publications, culture and art.
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Civil Rights Defendersan independent expert organisation involved in protecting civil and political rights as well as protecting civil rights defenders all over the world. “Our vision is a peaceful and safe world where freedom and justice are equally available to everyone. We accomplish results on our own and in working with local civil rights defenders. We believe that what we need/is needed is a strong civil society which follows the work of the government in order for countries to grow in a positive direction and because of that our work is based on working with local partners as well as their empowerment.”
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Youth Initiative for Human Rights Since 2003 Youth Initiative has persistently and consistently worked on promoting peace, cooperation, truth, justice and responsibility as basic principles our society should be based on. “We give young people a chance and knowledge to get involved in a process of democratisation of society and strengthening of the rule of law through a process of facing the past and establishing new, progressive bonds in a post- conflict region of Ex-Yugoslavia. Our support of/to Belgrade Pride is a expression of deep conviction that society must be based on respect of human rights and that freedom and equality are ideals we strive for.”
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Group  “Izađi” established in Novi Sad as a result of involvement of small group of activists in 2010 who started organising events/activities such as  self-help group, creative workshops and cooking workshops. “The Group” works on: promotion of both position and quality of life of LGBT+ people; decreasing the gap between the majority and the LGBT+ population; offering psychosocial support for young LGBT+ people and their parents; preventing/prevention and  offering help in the field of HIV/AIDS; promoting Pride as a tool in the fight for achieving respect of human rights of LGBT+ people. “The Group” for the first time, since 2019 organises Pride Week Novi Sad and Pride Novi Sad.

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Heartefact from its establishment in 2009, they have promoted creating a regional cultural space which, wishing to build a more tolerant and better future, responsibly refer to the past. In their work, they especially pay attention to marginalized and discriminated social groups. Combining art and activism, Heartefact strengthens critical thinking and tries, through different art forms, to raise the awareness of the society about modern/contemporary problems of the LGBT+ community. Apart from that, with various programmes within three segments (production, foundation and institute), Heartefact strives to create new generations of progressive artists and activists.
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