Law on same-sex marriage without support in the Parliament of Montenegro


Homosexual couples will still not be able to marry in Montenegro, since the Sexual Partnership Law on Persons of the Same Sex has not received the required majority in parliament, although it has been proposed by the Government. 

Members of minority parties were against the law. 

Montenegrin non-governmental organizations estimated that the failure to adopt the Law on the Life Partnership of Persons of the Same Sex had defeated the democratic process in Montenegro and the European path. 

The opposition Social Democratic Party called on the Government to propose the bill again, as its MPs would vote for him if they were in parliament today. 

The SDP boycotted today’s session in protest of yesterday’s punishment of its deputy for alleged political flats, which he alleged violated rules of procedure. 

If the bill had passed, gay people would have the same rights as heterosexual couples. 

The bill does not explicitly stipulate that gay persons can adopt children, but it does allow them to take care of one of the partners children together. 

The proposal also provided that gay persons could marry, inherit one another, have joint property, the right to retirement and social security, visits to hospitals, care for children together, but also the obligation to care for their child partners if there is no close relative. 

It was also provided that a partner other than the child’s parent must support the children of the other partner if they do not have relatives who are legally required to support them or the relatives are unable to do so. 

The obligation of the partner would also exist after the death of the child’s parents. 

The bill provided the right for a gay person’s partner, in an emergency, when the child is in immediate danger, to make the decision that is best for the child.